Competition Entries

Yiggiy "Steal the Deal" Mahjong Tournament

Yiggiy proudly presents the worlds greatest Mahjong Tournament.

Score the highest you can in the shortest time and advance toward real cash and prizes.

There is only ONE way to enter our Yiggiy Mahjong Tournament, and that is to play in our FREE qualifying game. 

        How to play Yiggiy Mahjong

Choose your blocks. In the upper left you will find three icons.  The top icon that looks like a pencil, allows you to select the type of tiles you will play with.  There are currently three options, blocks with Chinese symbols, blocks with numbers or letters, or blocks with fruit and symbols.


Select your settings. The other two icons help you in the game.  The half circle arrow is an undo button, click it to undo your last move or moves.  The light bulb icon allows you to see the active tiles in the game in color to make it easier to find matches


Game Play. Game play consists of clicking on two matching and active tiles.  Doing this will remove the tiles and uncover or activate other tiles.  The object of the game is to remove as many tiles as you can in the shortest time.  

If you outscore the two others you are matched with you win an entry into the tournament.  You may qualify to enter the tournament as many times as you like as this is an ongoing tournament with multiple prize winners.  

The prizes for each the Mahjong Tournament are:

Level 1:  A Spin on the Wheel of Prizes

Level 2:  10 Tickets to the "Steal the Deal" Shopping Game

The "Steal the Deal" shopping game is the most exciting shopping game ever!  Compete for a chance at a deal of a lifetime where 100% of the sale goes to your chosen charity.  

This is a beta test of our program.  While the prizes are real there is no guarantee as to issues with the software, scoring, or other aspects of the tournament.  With your help we will work to make this perfect before launching and you get to play for real prizes while helping to test everything.  During the beta test, Yiggiy is not responsible for things going wrong and winners not being counted.  

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