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Yiggiy Charity Beta Poker Tournament

Yiggiy presents our very first charity poker tournament.  The tournament is a beta tournament, free to play, has real prizes, and $20,000 raised for worthy causes and charities.  

To play in the tournament you must first earn an entry into the qualifying game.  All you need to do to earn the entry is answer 4 questions from our sponsors. You may earn as many entries as you like. 

The qualifying game is a 3 player sit-n-go and the winner gets to play in the "Yiggiy Charity Poker Tournament".  The Tournament is divided into 4 rounds. To win a round you must defeat 6 others.  You will face the 6 players 2 at a time.  The prizes for each round are:

Round 1: Win a spin on the "Wheel of Prizes"

Round 2: Win a gift card to our online mall

Round 3: Win a lifetime position in the Association (potentially worth millions)

Round 4: Win $24,000


Defeat 24 others and win 24 Thousand.


Here is a link to a good tutorial on how to play Texas Holdem  


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