Birmingham Homeless Outreach

Birmingham Homeless Outreach/charity number 1169217

Non-Profit Organization, Helps feed the Homeless Of Birmingham every day. Project they have. Our aim Is Raise funds, to re - renovate a derelict building inside and out, that as been empty for 10 years. Were going to take other the building in Birmingham city center. Witch will house other 600 homeless people, taking them of the streets of Birmingham. A 24-hour homeless center Were we well provide food and shelter. We aim to also provide assistance with benefit claims, welfare, employment advice and support with medical issues. Help and support with many issues like mental health, drug addiction, and alcoholism, to anyone experiencing homelessness. We are going to need funds for beds, washing machines, new roof, partitions for dormitories, many different building materials, new walls and floors, complete fire and alarm system and many more costs along the way.